Monday, 13 June 2011

To mark Ronald Searle's 91st birthday I rallied the artists of Pixar to each contribute a page in a special Pixar sketchbook.   We filled the whole book with over 70 birthday wishes and sketches.  Co-ordinating everyones' schedules proved tricky so we missed Ronald's birthday on March 3rd but he seemed delighted with the book when he finally received it.  This was his reaction:

". . . Federal Express were at the door at dawn this morning with a bulging box.When all it contained was revealed, I was totally overwhelmed with the generosity.  All those animation friends spending precious time to mark the clebration and such a wonderful shower of messages.  I really was very touched by the kindness. It was worth hanging on for 91 years to receive such a gem.
I shall treasure it.   THANK YOU EVERYBODY!

Everybody pulled out all the stops to honour a master cartoonist and inspiration to us all. I'll post a sketch a day for the next couple months- comments are welcome.

1. Austin Madison (Animator)
Austin blogged about the project here

2. Jamie Baker (Story Artist)

Jamie blogged about the project here

3. Ronnie del Carmen (Yoda)

Ronnie tweeted his here

4. Jeff Pidgeon (Story Artist)

(Digital rough and final)
Jeff put his up on Flickr here


  1. fabulous, looking forward to seeing all the contributions!

  2. I count three...that is at least two more than one. I want to see Rej's!

  3. These are all the ones that were sneaked online - the rest will be released daily :) Rej 's can be glimpsed in the masthead . . .

  4. Sneaked online! Have you tried super injunctions? They don't always work though...(as in the case of a certain Welsh footballer.)

  5. This was a really fabulous idea, Matt!

  6. Thanks Steve-evryone was rather intimidated to make a drawing for the eyes of an artist so influential! But the art and story depts. came through with a unique little tribute. It sure was difficult to let the filled sketchbook out of my hands though . . .